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“Protect Yourself” By Eldritch Thorn

Eldritch Thorn is a fellow Umbral Press author and friend. He was the first person that Desiree and I extended an invitation to publish when we launched Umbral Press. “Protect Yourself” was written and released by Eldritch Thorn before Umbral Press opened its doors. Even had the book been ready after Umbral Press opened, it isn’t something we’d have taken on via the publishing house. “Protect Yourself” is non-fiction, and that’s something we aren’t publishing via Umbral Press. However, as Eldritch Thorn is a friend, I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know about this bestselling book by him as Halloween is approaching.


You can find “Protect Yourself” here. It’s a paranormal self-help book that deals all a wide variety of supernatural threats – astral entities, vampires, dragons, werewolves, demons, zombies, ghosts, etc. There’s even an entry in the book on angels.

Eldritch Thorn is a bestselling pagan author of non-fiction, and hardcore erotica. Follow the link for “Protect Yourself”, and you can search for his bestselling erotica novel “Lovers’ Veil”, and find it on the same site. Eldritch Thorn has years of paranormal investigation experience. He knows what he’s talking about in “Protect Yourself”! Some of the things talking about in the book are from his own, personal experiences. Most of what he discusses along those lines in the book are not pleasant! It’s because of things such as those that he wrote the book.

So, if you, or someone you know, is coping with a supernatural threat of some type, grab a copy of “Protect Yourself”. It may well hold the key to solving a bad situation.

Scott Harper

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