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“Lost and Found”

The short stories I’ve had published before are all on-line again. I wanted to get them up to allow fans and readers who have joined me since these were first published – years ago in many cases – to enjoy them. Here’s one titled “Lost and Found“. This was written very shortly after I completed the children’s literature course. “Lost and Found” is one of my early fantasy pieces. It’s simple, aimed at children. Yet several adults have taken the time over the years to let me know that they’ve read it, and found it sweet and endearing.

I’ve commented recently a few times that, with a lot of my earlier work, I don’t remember the inspiration behind them. With this one, I do. Faerie lore is a longtime interest of mine. Yet I’ve never heard of Urisks until right before I wrote this. I found them so unusual that I wanted to do something with them. “Lost and Found” is the result of that. I hope you all enjoy it!

Scott Harper

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