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Ancient Origins


This article was in my e-mail this morning. Given how many hits I still get on vampire articles I’ve posted in the past, I thought all of you might be interested in this one, too.

Scott Harper

Vampire Corpses?


As I’ve talked about here before, being a bestselling author of, among other genres, horror and the paranormal I find articles such as this one very interesting. And, given the amount of traffic I see going to old posts involving such things – especially where vampires are concerned, I like to share things like this here.

What do you all think of that article?

Scott Harper

Vampire Graves?

I found this article a couple of days ago, and found it very interesting. As things of this nature that I’ve shared here in the past garner a lot of traffic still, it’s obvious that a lot of you – my fans – are as interested in such things as I am.

What do you all think of this article?

Scott Harper

“Paranormal Witness”


I didn’t start watching the hit SyFy program “Paranormal Witness” until just before its fourth season began to air. I set the DVD to record all episodes of it so I could catch up on what I’ve missed over the prior three seasons. Most episodes that I’ve seen deal with hauntings/ghosts. But not all. I’ve also seen an episode devoted to a very famous UFO sighting/abduction case. And, part of an episode that I watched yesterday was devoted to something of great interest to me – a werewolf case.

Growing up, werewolves terrified me. I could cope easily with anything else – ghosts, vampires, demons, zombies (which I’ve never been much of a fan of) genetic mutants, etc. But werewolves would give me horrible nightmares. Now, I work with my wife on the hit werewolf webcomic “MoonWraith“, and have written some werewolf literature, too. At some point over the years I’ve gone from being horrified of lycanthropy to being fascinated by it.

The “Paranormal Witness” episode in question was Season 2 Episode 10. The first half of it was titled “The Cabin”. It happened in London, Ohio in 1981, or 1982. I grew up in Marysville, Ohio, which is only about half an hour’s drive from London, Ohio. When the events covered in that episode of “Paranormal Witness” took place, I’d have been 6 or 7-years-old. I was never aware of this case until watching that episode of “Paranormal Witness” yesterday. Had I know about those goings-on as a child, I might still be in therapy, given my extreme werewolf phobia while growing up!

Now, as a 40-year-old adult, I find the case of great interest – both on a personal level, and a professional one as a bestselling, award-winning author of horror, and the paranormal. I don’t want to give spoilers of the episode here, and take anything away from “Paranormal Witness”. So I’ll only say here that the case involved a young family, who lived in a fairly secluded place, surrounded by woods, being stalked for months by what may well have been a werewolf. What the husband and his friend were shown at the close of the case gave me serious chills!

Given my interest in topics such as this, I want to, once again, extend an invitation to anyone reading this to contact me with any such sightings/encounters of your own. It needn’t necessarily be a werewolf sighting, either. I’m interested in all areas of the paranormal, and cryptozoology. Please get in touch via the “Contact” page on my website.

Scott Harper

“Brothers at Arms” By Desirée Lee


Coming soon – the re-release of “Brothers at Arms” by my very talented wife Desirée Lee:

For 250 years, the Arcée brothers have been in conflict. The vendetta between these two powerful vampires has shown no signs of resolve or waning. The concession made between the two is that the location of their ongoing war is moved every five decades to help prevent hapless mortals from discovering them. It was determined that the new locations would be chosen by a delegated Keeper, symbolized by a custom-made tarot card. Where the card goes, so do the Houses and also the war.
When the card changes hands, each House sends out Seekers, specially trained vampires who race against each other to be the first to discover the card’s new location. The first one to find the card and take control of the new keeper has the upper hand in the battle for that duration as they gain first foothold in the new city.
This year is a turning year. Julio Mendoza receives the card in the mail, unaware of its meaning. When he learns of the history of the card, he realizes he has been thrust in to a war that holds nothing for him, yet he cannot escape his fate. Still he will not accept his role meekly.
Michelle Bryson is a Seeker for the House of François Arcée. She is pitted against a rival from the House of Pierre Arcée to get to Julio first. Michelle is a young Seeker and if she fails to capture the Keeper, her life may be forfeited. What Michelle did not plan on was to find the Keeper to be a sexy, rebellious man who has a spirit in him unlike any Keeper she has seen in the past.
Julio knows the vampires are coming for him. He knows that he cannot hide forever. When the Seekers find him though, he cannot deny his attraction toward Michelle – an attraction that they will both pay dearly for if the Seeker from the House of Pierre Arcée has anything to do about it.
Scott Harper

Dracula’s Grave?

This article has been circulating on-line for the past few days.

Is anyone else following this story? What do you all think? Should Dracula’s grave, if that is indeed what has been discovered, be opened? As a bestselling, award-winning horror/paranormal/fantasy author I’m very interested to know what you all think.

Scott Harper

“Fright Night” Documentary

Recently, I found out that next year – 2016 – Dead Mouse Productions is releasing a new documentary on the classic vampire horror film “Fright Night”. This project will be a must-see for me. Mr. Roddy McDowall’s portrayal of Peter Vincent was the inspiration for my Wendy Markland character. Find out more about what’s going on with that character in this older post from this blog/website. In the meantime, I’ll be looking forward to “You’re So Cool, Brewster”!

Scott Harper

Andover Skull


In the 1950s a couple with the last name of Morris bought a house. After they moved in, they discovered that their new attic hadn’t been cleared out before their purchase of the residence. While going through the things left in the attic about a year after moving in, they discovered a heavy wooden box, or a heavy trunk. The accounts vary. Either way, the container had been nailed shut. When the man used a hammer to pry out the nails, and open the box, they made an interesting – and startling – discovery. Inside the box was an odd-looking skull. It had an elongated cranium, large eyes, a domed forehead, sharp canine teeth, and unusual carvings on the left side of the skull’s face. The skull was larger than that of the average human. Several pieces of bone had been broken free. The woman glued the pieces back together. The couple kept the skull on display in their home for a time, before donating it to a Museum of Archaeology.

Given the strange look of the skull, there are people who suggest that it had once belonged to a vampire. The fact that it was discovered securely nailed into a trunk or box makes it clear that someone didn’t want to see the skull found. The entrapping container had been hidden away in the cluttered attic of a private residence. Odds were that it wouldn’t simply be stumbled upon by sheer accident. Vampire lore tells us that one surefire way of killing a vampire is by decapitation. Could that really be where the Andover Skull came from?

Does anyone else out there have any information on this case? Whatever happened to the skull? Where is it today?

As I’ve said before in such posts here, these types of things fascinate me – both on a personal level, and given that I’m a bestselling, award-winning author of paranormal, horror, and fantasy literature.

Scott Harper

2nd Article


My newest article for All About Occult, my second one for them, is now on-line. While not as risqué of a topic as my first article for them was, it’s far more relevant to many people. How many people deal with someone they suspect may be a psychic vampire on a daily basis? This interview might help give you some insight into what they’re going through. Based on the answers given by my interview subject, it’s not an easy life!

If you have the time, please give the article/interview a read. Comments are already coming in regarding the usefulness of this piece, as well as thanks for having writing it.

Also, as I’ve said before, if I’m to continue writing these articles for All About Occult, I need subject matter and topics. If there’s a paranormal topic you’d like to see me write about for the website, please let me know. If it’s something that hasn’t been covered on the site before, I’m clear to cover it. If it’s a new angle, or newer, more up-to-date information on a topic that has already been covered on the site, I’m still okay to write about it.

Scott Harper



Is it just me, or have a lot of “vampire graves” been discovered recently? As a bestselling, award-winning author of horror, paranormal, and fantasy literature, I keep watch for this kind of news. It was fascinating to me even before I started to write. Now, it’s both personal interest, and work.

Here’s the newest such article of which I’m aware. Where the people buried in those graves vampires? I don’t know. But they do seem to have been treated as such.

Worldwide, there are beliefs of such creatures. Worldwide, there are myths, legends, and stories of them. Worldwide there are things said to ward against them, and/or kill them. Why would this be without some firm, concrete basis for such things?

People sometimes tell me, point blank, that there are no such things as vampires, werewolves, and other such creatures. However, I’ve witnessed too many things firsthand, been told too many other people’s firsthand accounts, and read still too many others, to completely dismiss anything out of hand. You may not believe in the supernatural. But there are more things out there than we know about. Even the things we do know about, I’m sure, are far more complex than anyone realizes. I’m not prepared to simply dismiss them as myth and fiction.

Scott Harper

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