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“The Killing Game” – Web Series

A SAG actor friend of mine, Richard Fleming, is playing the role of Randall in the new web series “The Killing Game“. They’re off to a great start on this project. Check it out!

Scott Harper


Web-series are quickly growing in popularity. They range anywhere from seconds-long, up to several minutes per episode. Their budgets range from no-budget camp, up to some fairly impressive, very professional-appearing end results. A few times in the past I’ve been in the process of getting a web-series up and running with someone. Sadly, each of those projects ultimately fell apart before they began. Some the reasons for that had to do with casting problems. Some with financing issues. Other times it ended up being something I’m not even going to go into here. Suffice to say that I don’t like it when a business partner screws me over on projects!

Anyway, I like the idea of working on a web-series. Especially if there would be money to be made from such a thing. I’m not trying to sound mercenary, here, but I am married, and we do have a child. Money is needed to pay the bills. If anyone is putting together a new web-series project that you think I’d be a good fit for, or has one running already, and you’d like me to come aboard the project, please get in touch. I have an idea for a web-series that I think would be very good, also. What I have in mind could go either way on funding – very little to the sky’s the limit.

I really would like to work on a web-series project at some point.

Scott Harper

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