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Scott Harper

“Winter’s Rite” and Walt Disney’s “Frozen”

Winters Rite Cover_02

Yesterday, Desirée and I watched “Frozen”. We both liked it. We liked the characters, and both of us found parts of the film truly funny. The animation was breath-taking as well. However, while watching the movie, I couldn’t help but draw some parallels between the film and my first novel—”Winter’s Rite”, which was released on February 13, 2006.

“Frozen” is “loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen”” according to the film’s credits and Wikipedia. Sorry to say, I’ve never read that piece of classic literature. If my novel “Winter’s Rite” is really so close in a few details to “The Snow Queen”, I’m amazed. The part that really stuck out to me was ***SPOILER ALERT!*** the scene with the creature Elsa had outside of her castle of ice. It bears a marked resemblance to the Ice Phantoms in “Winter’s Rite”. Other details were eerily similar, too.

Maybe I’ve simply had too many ideas stolen from me over the years. Maybe I’m paranoid. Maybe it’s purely coincidence. If so, let’s explore this option—many fans have told me, after reading the book, that “Winter’s Rite” would make an excellent film. Several have specifically remarked on how suited they think the book is to a CGI film.

Who out there is interested in seeing “Winter’s Rite” adapted as an animated film, CGI, or otherwise?

Scott Harper

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