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I’m just going to leave this right here.

Scott Harper

“Warder: Changing Guard” Preview

Though edits haven’t yet been done on “Warder: Changing Guard”, I thought you all might like a brief preview of that project. So, here are the first few paragraphs of that fantasy novella:

She shook her head, trying to banish the fleeting sensation of energy rippling around the squat cottage before her. Kayley Enid shrugged her travel pack higher onto her thin shoulders, and gripped her gnarled walking staff tighter in her other hand. Inhaling deeply, she placed the tough soles of her comfortable traveling boots on the beginning of the winding cobblestoned path that led to the small abode. Weeds poked up from between the stones here and there, thickest where the manmade path branched off from the dirt track, which ran through the dense forest, and by the clearing in which the little house sat.

She drew the hood of her lightweight, white traveling cloak further over her eyes to block the glare of the sunlight as she looked at the house. Though it appeared a bit rundown—its thatch roof in need of some minor repairs, and the unpainted wooden shingles that covered its outer walls beginning to split and peel in places—the cottage managed to radiate power, and mystique. A river stone chimney poked up from the roof, devoid of smoke on the warm, late summer day. No sounds emanated from the dwelling. Nor did any fragrances of cooking food drift from it. The stillness, and silence lent the place the illusion of being empty. Yet, for some reason, Kayley knew beyond doubt that the man she had walked so far to see waited inside.

She followed the cobblestones to the point where they met the three solid-looking wooden stairs that led up to a wide front porch. After a brief hesitation, she ascended the steps. The change in sound as her boots left the stone, and trod upon wood, momentarily startled her in the oppressive silence. Taking another deep, steadying breath, she hung her head, thinking.

Should she really do this? If she turned back, she would have made the long journey for absolutely nothing. That would be worse than if he simply turned her away, spurning her offer.

Kayley tightened her grip on her walking staff. The corners of her mouth tugged down in a frown, angry with herself for having come so far, only to engage in second thoughts.
If he sent her away, at least she would have tried. She would do her utmost to convince him should he not accept quickly. Still, the thought of meeting the man caused her to move slowly. She felt as if her arm had turned to wood as she lifted her free hand to knock on the heavy door.

Rapping lightly on the wooden panel, Kayley held her breath. Would he answer? Would he be angry with her for intruding? Would he even speak with her, and allow her to present her offer to him?

Gentle footsteps sounded from the other side of the barrier. Kayley forced out her breath, trying to relax. She pushed her hood back, giving her head a quick shake in an attempt to settle her long, raven-black hair into a more natural arrangement. She glanced down, glad that she had taken care on the trail that day. Her soft, tan leather pants, and knee-high black boots were almost completely devoid of mud, and burrs.

She heard a series of clicks, and rattles as a number of latches and locks were unfastened on the other side of the door. After a moment of silence, the barrier swung open without a sound on well-oiled hinges. A tall, lean, pale-skinned, elderly man stood revealed. He wore dark pants, with matching boots, and a white tunic. Each piece fit him perfectly, and had been expertly stitched, and crafted. He gazed down at her from beneath wild eyebrows. When he spoke, his long white beard wagged.

Scott Harper

In Edits

“Warder: Changing Guard” has gone through a final read-through by me. It’s now officially turned over for edits.

I’m still very excited about this project – both this first installment, and the series as a whole. I hope that all of you feel the same upon reading “Warder: Changing Guard”.

Scott Harper

Help Us Out?

Desirée Lee and I are often asked by fans what they can do to help promote our work. Because this is such a common question, I wanted to cover it in a blog post as it’s been a while.

The answer to the question is very simple—Buy our work! Another very easy way is word of mouth. If you’d like to help promote our work—or the work of any other authors for that matter—simply talk to people about it. Family. Friends. Co-workers. People on the street with whom you strike up a conversation. Anyone you can tell; the more the better.

Social networks provide an excellent method for doing this, too. Post social updates such as, “I’m currently reading “Within These Stone Walls” by Desirée Lee”. What are you reading?” Or Tweet something like, “Just read “Quintana Roo, Yucatan” by Scott Harper. I loved that book, and hope he writes a sequel!”

Both Desirée and myself are on Facebook and Twitter. Like our fan pages on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Click the “Like” button on Facebook posts, and share those posts to your own Timelines. Favorite our Tweets, and reTweet them so your own Followers can see them.

Just by doing those few simple things, you can do a huge, huge amount to help spread the word about our work. Want to help promote your favorite authors? That’s a 100% free, simple way. Odds are you’re already doing those things for one or two big-name celebrities. Please take a couple of moments from your busy day to include us in that, too.

Researcher Reviews Requested


Please forgive the alliteration of the title of this post. I just couldn’t help myself.

A few times here before I’ve made mention of the new book that my wife Desirée Lee, and myself are working on. The project I’m referring to is the still as yet untitled sasquatch novel. As a progress report, I’d like to let you all know that we’re over 58,000 words into the current draft. Anyway, we would like to include reviews of the book by sasquatch field researchers, and/or groups. Either whole reviews, or small snippets from those reviews.

If you are a sasquatch researcher, if you’d be willing to read a digital copy of the book’s manuscript before it’s published, and if you’d be willing to give us permission to use any or all of your review in the book (or on the book cover), and allow the publisher to use said material for promo purposes, then we want to hear from you. Please get in touch with me me via the “Contact” page on my website. The more responses we get to this, the better. So, please share this around as much as you can. The more visible this post becomes, the more potential sasquatch researchers that are likely to see it.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Scott Harper

New Book Progress


In the effort of keeping all of my fans and readers in the loop, I wanted to take time to update you all on the new book that Desirée Lee and I are co-authoring. This is the sasquatch novel that I’m talking about. I’ve mentioned it a few times recently on this blog/website.

Our current draft is moving along quickly and smoothly. We’ve over 27,000 words into it. Part of the reason as to why we’re making such fast headway is that we’re adapting this from a previous draft. The draft we’re working from is incomplete. It wasn’t working; something was missing. That draft ultimately ended up sitting on the proverbial back burner for a while. Now that we’ve rethought some things regarding it, and are rewriting it with some changes and additions, it’s working well for us. And, since we’re working from a draft that had already been three-quarters or so completed, our progress thus far as been quick.

As I’ve talked about before, we have a couple of good promo opportunities this summer to advertise this book. But, only if it’s out by then. Hopefully it will be. Things look excellent for that at the moment.

Currently, this project still lacks a title. We keep referring to it as “the untitled sasquatch project” or “the sasquatch book”, or similar things. Potential titles keep bouncing around between us. As yet, we’ve not stumbled upon something that we both like. Hopefully that will happen soon. Desirée is fine with working on untitled projects. I don’t like doing so; I like to have a title to think of a given project as. Doing so much work on this book, without it having a proper title, is a very alien thing for me. I don’t like it at all. The project needs a title. Soon as we have one, I’ll give it on this site/blog.

In the meantime, progress on our current draft of “the untitled sasquatch project” continues.

Scott Harper

New Review


“Quintana Roo, Yucatan”, my award-winning, bestselling action/adventure novel, has received another 5-star review. Go here to read it, and grab your copy of the book now!

“Quintana Roo, Yucatan”

Rikki Breitenberg is an archeologist in charge of the first team of American documenters allowed by the Mexican government to explore newly discovered Mayan ruins in the Yucatan. However, shortly after their arrival in Mexico, things go awry. Treacherous jungle, inclement weather and dangerous wildlife are only the beginning. When Rikki and her team run afoul of members of an ancient cult devoted to the worship of a bloodthirsty god, things take a terrifying turn for the worse. During their struggle for survival, the team makes a startling discovery that may rewrite the whole of human history. Will they survive to bring their amazing find back to civilization?

Scott Harper

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