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Thanks For Your Patience

For those fans and readers who are with me solely for my novels, I want to take a moment to thank you for your patience. Lately, I’ve been devoting far, far more time to work on comic book and film projects than I have been devoting to novels. “MoonWraith” is ongoing. Due to that, I need to keep up with my part on it to ensure that a new page is up each and every Monday. “Confluence“, having been launched, need to continue. It will be released bimonthly. That gives me time to work on other things between issues of it, but I still need to make sure my part of each issue of it gets done on time. I’m also working on some screenplay projects. A potential Executive Producer is going over material for “MoonWraith” to decide if he’s interested in adapting the webcomic as a film, or as its originally-intended television series concept. I’m also embarking on a new screenplay project with someone else. See several of my recent posts for what little I’m able and willing to say about that project at the moment.

Still, I am a novelist. I haven’t forgotten that – or those fans who are with me only for my novels. Several novels are in various stages of completion right now. Desiree Lee and I are currently coauthoring several things at once. Not all of those books are fiction. Please keep checking back for information and updates on those as we get closer to publication on them. If and when the four books of mine that are no longer available are re-edited and re-released under a different publishing house, then I’ll be continuing with those series, too. Ideas are also bouncing around for sequels to my award-winning, bestselling novel “Quintana Roo, Yucatan“, and my critically-acclaimed novella “Quagmire Fen“.

Much as I’d like to be working on everything at once, there simply isn’t time. And, besides work, I have a wife and a 13-month-old child. Our daughter alone is a full-time job! Rest assured, though, that I haven’t forgotten that I’m a novelist. Thank you all again for your on-going patience during this stretch between books. There will be more novels – many, many more, I hope. It’s just a matter of time.

Scott Harper

Done Deal

A couple of times recently, I’ve mentioned that I’d soon by teaming up with someone to write a screenplay. While work has yet to start on the project, the contract is a done deal. Hopefully we’ll begin the actual project soon. At the moment, I’m still unable to give details on the project. Please continue watching this blog, and website. Again, I thank you all for your patience. I’ll reveal what I can, when I can, about the project when the timing is right. For now, please suffice to say that this project is right up my alley; something my fans would probably expect me to take on.

Several times in the past I’ve worked on screenplays with other people. Most have yet to be made due to lack of funding. The one exception was a short film project I helped out with when I still lived in Florida. That project was for a short film contest: I’m not listed on on this project because I don’t yet have a bio on that site.

Hopefully this new film project I’m about to embark upon will  be made as easily as “Prisoner 34655” was. Wish me luck, please!

Scott Harper

Final Draft

Very soon, I’ll be working with another screenwriter on a film script project. That’s something I mentioned here recently. Sorry, but I still can’t reveal any details of that project yet. Please be patient; I’ll say what I can, when I can. What I failed to mention upon that previous post is that I use Final Draft for writing screenplays. Final Draft is the industry standard software for writing scripts. So, if anyone would be interested in one of the scripts I’ve written, or would be interested in teaming up on a screenplay, I use Final Draft. I’m still using Version 8. Version 9 is out, but I’ve yet to hear anyone say it’s worth the expense of upgrading. So, I still use Version 8. My use of Final Draft is something to keep in mind should you want to contact me regarding a movie script project. Again, Final Draft is the industry standard software for such things.

Scott Harper

“Bubblegum Gumbo”

Some of my previously-published short stories are on-line again. Here’s one called “Bubblegum Gumbo” that I wrote as part of the children’s literature course I took years ago: Enjoy!

Scott Harper

Lulu Sale!

SALE! Get a 13% discount on every order from Lulu between now and Monday, July 21 by using the discount code FLASHY13 at the checkout. This is the perfect time to grab the original edition copies my first three novels: “Winter’s Rite”, “Well Wishes”, and “Gauntlet”. Enjoy them in paperback, or e-book!

Winters Rite Cover_02

Well Wishes Cover_HUGE

Gauntlet Cover

Scott Harper

Saloon Girls

Desirée Lee and I are doing research for a project we are coauthoring. The book will be set in the American Old West, circa 1880s. Yes, this is a departure from our usual story settings. No, this won’t be a stereotypical western—coming from us, that ought to be a given.

As part of our research for this project, we’re learning about old West era saloon girls. However, we aren’t finding much. Most of what we turn up isn’t historical information; it’s advertising for modern-day saloons, and/or costume designs and/or ideas. Can anyone out there help us with our research? The big question we’re trying to answer right now is this: Were 1880s era saloon girls typically prostitutes, or did they simply hang out in the saloons, flirting and getting the men to buy them drinks and such? What small bits of information we’ve turned up on that so far points to the latter. However, those articles mostly seem to just regurgitate the same information almost verbatim. And some tiny bits of information seem to point to the former, too.

If anyone can help with this research point, please get in touch with us.

Scott Harper

5 Days Left—”Dark River Lords” Update


“Dark River Lords” is sitting at 90% and holding on the Amazon Studios Premise War—311 wins in 347 rounds of voting.
If you haven’t voted—or if you’d like to vote for “Dark River Lords” again—please go to and vote on the film’s premise. When you see the one for “Dark River Lords” come up, please click the button marked “This One Wins” for that project. If you’d like to quickly skip over any voting rounds until “Dark River Lords” pops up as a choice, simply use the “skip this battle” link.

I’ll continue posting updates throughout the project’s time in the Amazon Studios Premise War. Today is Day 40 of the 45-day voting period for “Dark River Lords”. Only 5 days left to vote!

Scott Harper

Lulu Mother’s Day Sale

Gauntlet Cover

10% off all books on Lulu between now and May 11th. Just use the discount code MOM10 at checkout.

Now is a great time to grab a copy of “Winter’s Rite”, “Well Wishes”, or “Gauntlet”!

Scott Harper

“The Anarchist Cookbook”

As you all know, I’m an author—a bestselling, award-winning, critically-acclaimed author, at that. As such, I do a lot of research. Sometimes my research leads me to read some articles or books that most people might find a little odd. This is especially true since most of my work falls into the paranormal genre!

However, not all everything I write is paranormal. Take “Quintana Roo, Yucatan” for instance. It was my eighth novel. It was pretty much pure action/adventure. The plot pit a team of American archeologists against the modern day incarnation of an ancient Aztec cult in Mexico’s Quintana Roo region of the Yucatan peninsula. That book has become a fan favorite. It’s award-winning bestseller. You can find it, among other places, here— And, I’m slowly putting together ideas for a sequel. In large part I’m thinking of continuing the story because of so many requests to that end by fans.


In the interest of creating even more of a threat for the protagonists in a sequel, I’d like to get my hands on a copy of “The Anarchist Cookbook”. I’m sure creepy cultists who are skulking around the dense jungles of Quintana Roo would be willing and able to make use of things from that book in the interest of forwarding their cause, and/or revenge after the events of “Quintana Roo, Yucatan”.


Does anyone know where I might be able to obtain a copy of “The Anarchist Cookbook”—purely for research, I assure you Federal Agents who are no doubt going over this blog post with the proverbial fine-toothed comb due to its title, and subject matter! Or, better still, if anyone has a copy they’d like to donate to the project of a “Quintana Roo, Yucatan” sequel, please mail it to me at:


Scott Harper

C/O Umbral Press

P.O. Box 671

Dorris, CA 96023

Scott Harper

“Rotten Eggs”

Some of my 30+ published short stories are on-line still and/or again. Here’s one called “Rotten Eggs” for you to enjoy:

Scott Harper

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