Continued From Yesterday


Yesterday I talked a bit about the decision to delay the release of “Warder: Changing Guard” to make that project part of something more special. We hope that my fans, and readers will enjoy what the new plan is. Again, I won’t say too much here. I don’t want to risk putting a jinx of things!

What does this delay mean for right now, you’re wondering.

“Ravenesque: Un-Familiar”, the first installment of my “Ravenesque” series of novellas, is, by necessity, being set aside for now. Why? Because my attention needs to be turned back to the second “Warder” novella – “Warder: Sometimes Magick Just Isn’t Enough” – for the moment.

Something special is being planned for the launch of the “Warder” series. We think you’ll all enjoy it. Again, I won’t say more here at the moment. Please be patient; I’ll post updates as I can as things move forward.

Scott Harper

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